How To Enjoy A Date With An Handicapped Lover


Dating an handicapped lover has its fair share of events that surrounds it. The perception of people in the society is a major hurdle as well as treatments disabled people get. One major difficulty faced by disabled people is how to enjoy life despite their condition. The truth is that disability isn’t a spoiler and the beautiful things of life like love, care, emotions, and feelings could still be felt. There are lots of questions people ask from the disabled. They often inquire what led to their disability, if they have ever fallen in love, how they have sex and more.

As a matter of fact, most people forget that people with disabilities have the right to fall in love. Disability should also not get in the way of a romantic adventure. Most people think that the major risk attached to handicap dating is that it is void of romance and interesting adventures. Dating generally is a risk itself and disability dating could be more enjoyable when certain routines are followed. Disabled dating or not, the whole process of dating that includes finding a date, asking for a date, going on a date can be very overwhelming.

There are lots of concerns about what to do as a disabled going on a date. Would you just throw away the idea of enjoying life simply because you are handicapped? No. there are lots of ways to enjoy a date as a disabled. All you need to do is to create a schedule, prepare mentally and follow your heart. It’s really a matter of what you like to do bar your disability and finding a way to do them with the disability. Are you attracted to someone? Here are some ways to enjoy a date despite their disability

Communicate Well With Your Partner

When someone has a disability, it is important to discuss and understand what they want from the start. Understanding the nature of their disability is the first step in getting the best out of it. Enjoying a handicap dating involves understanding what the disabled person can do, what they like to do and at which point during the date will they be needing your help. Once that discussion has been made, you can go on to enjoy a smooth date.

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Having a personal conversation before going on a date lays a solid foundation for an enjoyable adventure. There are lots of questions to ask before going on a disabled dating

  • What do you like to do?
  • Where are the places you like to visit?
  • Do you like being pushed during a date?
  • What are your limits?
  • Do you like public display of affection?

There is the need to be candid with one another from the onset. It is also pertinent to confide in your date before setting out. Every strong relationship needs trust to function and it is important to certify that your date understands your needs perfectly.

Embark On Adventures

A lot of people think handicap dating is boring and a disabled lover limits the kind of fun you can have. The general presumption is that a handicapped person lacks adventure, can’t be active, and they are void of an exciting and thrilling life. The truth is there are lots of activities you can embark on to enjoy a handicap dating. Visiting parks, museums, beaches, trips and more are different ways to enjoy a date with a disabled lover.

Sport and recreational activities present handicapped lovers with a unique way to have a great time. There are team sports that offer opportunities for disabled people like netball, hockey, beach ball, all abilities soccer and more. Golf is a great example of recreational activities that can light up a handicap date. There are special types of equipment that are available for trial. A perfect example is the ParaGolfer which happens to be an all-terrain wheelchair that provides support for the golfer to stand and hit a ball.

Visit Wheelchair Accessible Locations

The enjoyment of anything depends on how convenient it is. Enjoying a date with a disabled lover includes choosing locations that are well equipped to make them feel relaxed. When going on a disabled date, it is important to visit locations that have a wheelchair accessibility. Although there are several rules guiding the establishment of public spaces causing them to make provisions for people with physical or mobility impairments, compliance is usually not a hundred percent. In the United States for instance, the department of justice have published the revised final regulations and have implemented the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

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The summary of the ADA includes that public accommodations and commercial facilities must be equipped to support people with mobility, respiratory, circulatory as well as neurological disabilities that depend on several mobility devices. Reading up some information about the proposed relaxation center or resort you will like to visit is important. Whilst you are considering issues like distance, security, accessibility and more, check their ratings in terms of support provided to people with disability.

A great example of wheelchair accessibility occurred during the high stake Europa League final between Chelsea and Arsenal. The disabled fans from both clubs had not only their traveling to worry about, but also how to find accessible local hotels. Not only that, the Baku stadium that hosted the final has a 68,700 seating capacity but lacked raised platforms required to enable mobility-impaired fans to have a clear view of the pitch without obstructions.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

One of the major issues faced by people in handicap dating is how to effectively transport their lovers. The best solution is to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle. They make an immense difference in the lives and lifestyle of handicapped people. Hundreds of thousands of disabled have benefited from this great innovation that provides them with freedom and independence.

One of the major advantages of a wheelchair accessible vehicle is that it reduces the dependence of the disabled on their families, lovers, and caregivers. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are cars that have been modified by mobility experts to enable a disabled person to travel whatever distance in their wheelchair. The vehicle floor has been lowered to accommodate a foldable ramp or lift that is electrically powered. The wheelchair user can either enter the vehicle through the rear or side of the car. The beauty of wheelchair accessible vehicles is that it eliminates the major limitations that exist when during a disability date.

Although they are a bit expensive, you can easily find several wheelchair accessible vehicles available for hire. People who have vehicles such as SUVs can also have their vehicles converted by mobility experts to accommodate a ramp. Vehicles that support wheelchair accessibility includes Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Mazda, and Toyota among others.

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Attending Events And Meeting New People

Dating someone with a disability often opens up a whole new world of social networking. Attending shows, events such as carnivals, concerts and sporting festivals provides an awesome support network for the disabled. They get to meet new people because of their disability. It also opens up great windows of opportunities like handicap sports, TV commercials, charities and support networks, meet and greets as well as other exciting things to enjoy. Although the stigma and perception of the public about disability dating is less likely to go away, special events and occasions still provides disabled lovers with a unique platform to meet new people and enjoy an amazing time.

Be Creative While On A Date

When going on dates with a disabled lover, roll up your sleeves and get highly creative. Do not wear a grumpy face or throw away your self-confidence because your partner is confined to a wheelchair. The public in general often has a predilection towards creativity especially for lovers who are not shy to express themselves. Put up a hilarious sense of humor and be bold in every move.

Engage in a public display of affection, such as kisses, hugs, taking pictures, throwing jokes as well as other forms of romantic activities. The first step in enjoying a disability date is to be bold and unapologetic in every move. Do everything without seeking the validation of the viewers and you stand better chances of having the best date ever.


Having a disability doesn’t hinder anyone from having a remarkable date. In no uncertain terms, you have to consider yourself just as good as anyone else out there. Even the most confident people out there aren’t spared from the mixed feelings that come with a date. Learn to admit your disability without looking stupid or vulnerable.

A disability of any sort isn’t capable of standing in the way of your romantic happiness. It’s all a function of the mind. You have to decide from the outset that the date has to be worth it. Do not let anyone look down or make you feel bad because you are enjoying your time with a disabled lover. Focus on things that the disability doesn’t stop you from doing and never regret the things it interferes with.

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