5 Successful Online Dating Tips for the Disabled


No doubt, it is surely a nice thing to get in lieu with new people, get into a relationship, show love while being loved too. For some time, this has been a dead end for the disabled. However, a once dead-end tale has now be given a new stride. Hence, if you’re disabled, you still can enjoy the love life and the dating life of your fellow normal peers.

of course, there will be difficulties. And if you don’t do it the right way, you just might end up with regrets. Anyway though, if you’re disabled and reading this article now, then you should count yourself lucky. Want to know why? Well, just keep reading and when you’re done, you’ll be thanking me because you’re about to read the best ways possible for your dating experience to be a successful and memorable one.  

1. Get Your Mindset Ready for Dating

Want to date? Then get your mind ready for it. If you really need your dating to work out, then you need to be optimistic about it. Shun the myth that the disabled never get to date. Even if you aren’t dating yet, you can begin to picture the kind of partner you want. Imagine the both of you in nice places such as the beach, amusement parks and recreational centres.

Settle down, take a deep breath, and reflect on your strengths and think of how you can bring your strength into a loving relationship. If you like, you can ask your peers, colleagues or family members what they think are your best qualities. Afterwards you can now work on these qualities to make yourself a better person and a better partner.   

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2. Settle Down, Relax, Allow Things to Happen and Take it in Your Stride

You don’t want to pull up a bad experience on your first date by being all too fuzzy about it. So, you’ve got to take it one step at a time. You’ve got to relax and let things happen. Don’t force it. Don’t bring pressure on yourself and your partner by expecting too much from your dating experience. If you see that your partner have a need, make yourself available to meet those needs.

To make things easier, you can use a dating site to get started. And even better, there are disability dating sites out there. So at least, you don’t get to feel stigmatized or feel inferior. When you start your lookout for a partner, whether it is from a dating site or otherwise, try to be free, simple and keep an open mind.   

3. Make Your Username Stand Out and Be Unique. Get Things Right at the First Time

So if you’re using a dating site, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. Be a little different. Make your username unique and specific. Of course, the first thing anyone notices in your profile is your username. Hence, you have to get it right. Your username should have some flair. Not a name you can find just anywhere.

4. Make Your Online Profile Right Stand Out

After you’ve gotten your username right, you now have to focus on other aspects of your online dating profile. Take your time to create a good profile. Don’t rush over it.  This is your opportunity to stand out. Highlight your good qualities, showcase your strengths and show why you can be the second half in a person’s life. However, in as much as you want to make your profile stand out, do not tell a lie. It is a red flag.

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If you are finding it quite tasking, you can ask for ideas from your friends and family members. As a tip, you should add that you have the ability to make someone smile and be happy. This will most often give you an edge. And of course, you have to be creative for that too. Instead o putting “I can make you smile and be happy”, you should try something like “You’ll never frown a day when you’re with me” or “My brother thinks I’m the funniest person in the milky way galaxy”.  

5. Be realistic about your geographic possibilities

Finally, you should try as much as possible to effectively utilize your geographical setting. For sure, dating someone from your own geographical setting will be easier than someone from another geographical setting. Hence, in your profile, put your real geographical area. Of course, no one wants to fall in love with someone they might never get to meet. So, be wise. If you’re from U.K, preferably stick to a UK dating site and if you’re from US, preferably stick to a U.S dating site.

Summarily, for the dos

  • You have to be real. You have to go and out there and search for love. It isn’t going to come to you like a packaged gift from Santa.
  • Do not be rigid. Instead of being too rigid, try to ease yourself from limitations and be flexible. Your second half mustn’t necessarily be tall. And don’t set too many limitations on what you’re looking for.
  • Do take your time to assess a potential relationship. Allow things happen. Take things in your stride. Don’t be so much in a hurry.
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For the don’ts

  • Don’t lie about your qualities. It won’t make you any better. Even worse, it can make you seen a liar. And no one wants to date a liar. Even you!
  • Don’t get easily worn off if your partner doesn’t seem to be coming. This isn’t magic or something like beauty and the beast. It’s going to take a little while.


While online dating sites are a good way to start your dating experience, you shouldn’t be 100% reliant on it. Go out! Interact. Get a social circle. And see things from the outside world. Be real and live above limitations. There is a lot out there for you and your special one is waiting for your love.

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