Tips To Follow When Going On A Date With Someone With Disability


Going on a date with someone could be a thrilling experience if everything goes well. For people with disabilities, disability dating sites help them to connect with other people, something that would have been normally impossible. However, when going on a date with someone with a disability, it would get pretty intense especially if you are an able-bodied person meeting with a disabled person.

Dates are meant to help people bond and know each other better and yours shouldn’t be any different. Whether you are tensed, nervous or excited about meeting this person, these tips for disabled dating will help you make the best out our your date.

1. Be Confident

Whether you are an able-bodied person or someone with a disability going on a date with another person with a disability, it is important you exert confidence during your date. While being nervous is quite normal since you are meeting for the first time, it might set off your date and make them think you are probably regretting your decision.

2. Be Honest

Honesty is very important if you hope to build something that lasts with your date. While on a date, you would have to answer some personal questions every now and then as you get to know each other. Rather than offering half-truths, its best to tell your date, you are not yet ready to answer such questions.

Always be honest about who you are and your disability.

3. Meet In A Familiar Location

This is best for safety reasons. No matter how long you have known your potential partner through online chats, it is best to meet in a familiar location and also inform your family and friends of your whereabouts ahead of time.

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Meeting in a familiar location is not only best for security reasons but to also allow you to bond easily with your date as you would feel more secure in a place you are used to. If you and your date decide to meet in a location that you are not familiar with, ensure you make enough research on the location before going ahead with the date.  

4. Do Not Say “I’m Sorry”

If your date is able to trust with information about their disability, do not say words like “I’m sorry”. While you might be trying to show compassion, it would only make them feel worse and belittled. In the end, it would look like you decided to meet up with them only because you pity them and their situation.

5. Don’t Trust Too Quickly

Having a great date as someone with a disability is not easy and this might make you easily trust your date if you feel that things going well. Unfortunately, trusting your date too quickly could be the worst mistake you would make. While you have both built chemistry online and shared some information about each other, it is best you withhold some private information until your date is able to earn your trust.

You could start sharing such private information on your second or third date if it gets that far.

6. Show Genuine Interest

This shouldn’t be a tip if you are genuinely interested in making things work with your date. However, when on a date with someone with a disability, it is best you show genuine interest to learn about their disability and how they get about their daily lives. Showing genuine interest could score your points with your date as it would make them feel that you have their best interests in mind.

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7. Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High

Not all dates end well and not all dates that end well will lead to a meaningful relationship. When going on a date for the first time, try to keep an open mind. Getting your hopes too high might leave you frustrated if things don’t go the way you expected.

8. Have Fun

Remember that you are here to know each other better and also have fun. Depending on the date location, both of you could hit the dance floor, go on a ride, visit some romantic locations, or perform some form of social activity to help the both of you bond.

9. Don’t Drink Too Much

You are probably on a date with someone you still don’t know much about. It is advisable that you ensure your ability to reason and judge is in full force while on a date. Taking a glass or two of wine is just good enough; anything more would mean you want to rely on your date to take care of you which wouldn’t be the best decision as you are yet to know their true intentions.

Meeting someone for the first time, especially if it from a dating site could either be the best or worst experience you will ever have. You can only make the best out of it by staying sharp and trusting your instincts no matter what.

10. Don’t Stay Out Too Late

For someone with a disability staying out so late at night might not be the best decision. No matter how thrilling your date is, it is best to end your date at the appropriate time. This is also for safety reasons. Ensure you don’t stay out late in the night till you and your date are all alone and probably your date would be the only person to help you get back home.

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Avoiding such situations is a good decision especially if you are yet to trust your date. Since the both of you are meeting for the first time from an online chat room, it’s not advisable you trust your date immediately. Don’t rush to accept them rather take your time to ensure you are not missing any red flags or negative body language.

Online dating for disabled people is getting easier as more dating sites for people with disabilities are launched with the necessary features to get disabled singles linked to potential partners.

There are also several online communities where people with disabilities can chat and make friends with others. This might make these dating sites and online communities look like the safest place to find a potential partner. However, no matter how well you and your date have conversed online, you should still tread carefully when meeting them offline for the first time.

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