Where to Find Love as a Disabled: A Comprehensive Guide on Handicap Dating

Where to Find Love as a Disabled

In dating with a disability, falling in love requires you to find the right person. However, it is unlikely that you’ll find someone that will suit all your requirements for a partner. This is why you shouldn’t be too choosy. Select from those who made you mark off most of the items on your list of criteria. After all, nobody is perfect. True love happens unexpectedly. Your list of criteria might just vanish at the shot of Cupid’s arrow.

With handicap dating, finding love is possible. There are many ways to escape the loneliness you feel. You just have to know and find them. It’s even easier if your list of criteria for the kind of dating partner you want isn’t ridiculously long. It’s advisable to keep it as short as possible. If you have certain criteria like religion, then it may be more challenging to find someone to suit such preference. Don’t be discouraged though. Anything is possible.

Apart from finding the right person, you also have to suit the criteria that your potential partner is looking for. You have to be a good candidate for that person. Don’t be desperate to please anyone because of your condition. True love recognizes and accepts the other’s flaws. It builds a solid foundation for tolerance.

Motivate Yourself

Dating with a disability involves you seeking the right partner. You also have to be discovered by the other person. Online handicap dating can make this happen for you. The fact that you have a disability will make it hard for some to consider you, but that doesn’t mean that you should lose hope.

Don’t lose hope thinking that you’re the only one in the world having a disability and facing difficulty in finding a date. Don’t go for the blind date option either. Cheer up and stop isolating yourself from the rest of the world. Every good person deserves happiness. You deserve happiness too. Try the available match-making channels out there. Social media can be of great help to you or even firms that offer match-making services.

Some individuals are attracted to people with disabilities. No, it’s not a weird thing. It’s a natural drive for them that is based on each person’s philosophy about love.

Think about people with disabilities who have found love and gotten married. Ever heard of blind couples, people in wheel chairs, autistic individuals, and others that have tied the nuptial knot? You can also be as happy as those people. The only ones you know may be celebrities, but if you do proper research, you’ll found out that a great number of people with disabilities have gotten engaged one way or the other. Some of these people are living normal lives with their kids. Yes, they are married with children.

Dating with a disability tends to have a higher chance at being successful when you’ve gotten rid of the negative feelings inside you like low self-esteem, grudge, and so on.

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Get your mind out of the thought that someone would accept you out of pity. There are people out there who are looking for true love and are not bothered about dating someone with a disability. They may have second thoughts, but love can win. Tackle your fear of rejection permanently.

The Right Reasons for the Right People

Hopefully, you have the right reasons for wanting to meet that special someone. You need to re-orientate yourself if you seek someone that will take care of you specially. There’s a difference between that, and wanting someone that will care about you. If you’re leaning towards the “take care of you specially” mindset, erase that thought. If you don’t, you’ll get it all wrong at the end after finding someone.

You don’t want to get married only to be sulking that your partner doesn’t take care of you “specially” in view of your disabilities. You were living on your own before you met him or her. The fact that you got married doesn’t mean you should expect certain special treatment from them. You also have to be ready to serve too, regardless of your condition.

Being physical challenged doesn’t mean stop you from being of help to your partner or spouse. You can be of help in ways like being positive, providing companionship, and so on. When you have the right orientation, there’ll be no complaints based on how much care you are getting. Giving should be your priority. Make sure it’s a “give and give” relationship though.

Advice for Dating from a Wheelchair

The fact is that disabled or handicap dating is almost the same as any other type of dating out there. Another known fact is that it takes a disabled person almost the same time it takes an individual having no disabilities to find love. With this in mind, you can easily have a better grasp of the advice for dating from a wheelchair given below.

Remember what was said earlier about being the right person for the partner you seek. You have to strive for perfection and avoid pretense. Be yourself. Don’t change who you are to please anybody. What you should change are negative acts/habits. No one is perfect though. The person that can accept your flaws will be the one for you. Your physical appearance doesn’t define your character.

Have you checked the global stats? Millions of people in wheelchairs are in a relationship (dating, married, or engaged). You can be a part of them. These people face the normal processes that others who aren’t disabled go through in romantic relationships. They also break up, marry, get divorced, and so on. Still, do not be deterred by this information.

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Finding love is a normal occurrence for many people using wheelchairs in modern times. You just have to believe in yourself. The fact that you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that finding romance is a lost cause. Stop thinking about the restrictions and physical challenges. Such negativity will get you nowhere.

Where to find love

Whatever your disability may be, be it intellectual challenges, blindness, deafness, autism, use of a wheelchair, or any other form, you can discover love. You just need to find it like any other person, while looking in the right places.

The Use of Communication Software

Social media is what we are talking about mostly in the area of communication software. The use of popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, and others has facilitated handicap dating to some extent. There are other sites that aren’t popular. You can look up them up too.

The advantage of the aforementioned popular ones is that they’re free to use and they have a great number of active accounts. You have a good chance of meeting many people from diverse backgrounds and establishing relationships with them.

Online Dating Websites/Applications

Under communication software are online dating websites/applications. You can go for the applications to make things more direct. These channels make you feel at ease while approaching others, as each user is expected to have the same ultimate goal: find a date. Dating sites have increased the chances for people to start healthy relationships.

If your preference is to date someone with a disability, there are sites that are made just for that. Dating others with disabilities is preferred by some disabled. However, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to only people like you. If you know someone with a physical, mental, or emotional disability, you can introduce such sites to them, or even guide them on their use.

Be truthful about your disability. Explain it as clearly as possible in order to make your contact understand things as they are. This will prevent rude shocks or ugly situations in the future that can destroy all the efforts you put into building the relationship. Be totally open with your contacts, even on your profile.

Dating with a disability can be challenging, depending on the type ― be it emotional, mental or physical. You are used to facing difficulties in your condition, so this is just another challenge to beat down. You just need to find the right site. Below are some of the best sites selected based on their features, popularity, pricing, and so on:

This site is known to have the highest number of singles with disabilities. They have more singles than any other online dating platform. With this, you have the chance to browse the medium having the highest number of profiles. This is talking about over 35 million users per month. The number of paid membership accounts for the first quarter of 2019 was over 8.5 million.

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This site is for people in the United Kingdom (UK). The platform has a growing number of users that cut across a wide range of disabilities. Disability Match protects the privacy of its users. There are comprehensive tutorials for you to make the best use of the site. The site’s search engine allows users to filter profiles by disability, location, and interests.

Most users in this dating platform are serious-minded. The site boasts of over 80% of its users having higher education degrees. You’ll surely find someone for you, if you’re seeking those that fit such description.

Zoosk is a go-to site for young people seeking fun, casual dates rather serious commitments for the long term. It has gained popularity among disabled singles because of its search engine features.


The site was inspired by the need for people with “special needs” to have a safe online platform where they can have fun. Users on this site can be comfortable meeting each other for serious relationships.

Other sites include,,,,,,, and others.

These dating sites protect their users because of the fact that people in love tend to be vulnerable. There are reporting features that allow users to report people that made them feel uncomfortable or threatened. It’s very crucial to find a partner that you feel safe around.

Day Centers

You can meet others like you at day centers. Day centers help people bond through various activities that are organized every day. There’s a chance to make new friends and establish compatibility. You should be friendly, but try to make the right friends. Of course, some friendships will be made with the hope of leading “somewhere”.

Be sociable any way you can and try to expand your circle of friends. Don’t force it though. Let it happen naturally the way you would want true love to grow. The connections you establish can be made stronger with online social platforms.

Consider Having a Pet

Pets can be a good way to help you experience life to the fullest. The fact that you have to take care of them makes you able to learn ways in which you can aid others. It will help change the mindset that you’re meant to be cared for in a special way. Taking care of a pet can change your attitude to life and build positivity.

You may meet someone who has a pet and gets closer to the person due to such mutual interest. A special connection can be established and things will begin to heat up from there. This isn’t to sell you a fairytale. It’s a possibility.

The reason why this article talks so much about being positive and working on yourself is because it can be a major hindrance to actualizing your dream of finding romance. The success of such quest hugely depends on what you think of yourself and being a better person. If not, your pursuit is bound to fail. Remember that dating someone doesn’t necessarily mean that both of you are in love. Know the difference.

Final Words…

Accept who you are and protect your self-esteem. Make sure the right person is one who loves you equally and unconditionally. Handicap dating is not a dream. It’s happening and has worked for many. Keep in mind that true love is also not easy to find for people having no disabilities.

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